Nadine Seeger - english edition

Painting is investigating. A picture is a facet of an emotion or object and often of an experience.
I focus on a segment of the whole and a form emerges. Questions arise and occupy my thougts. For example how do I convey the substance of this mood? Or how do I create this line so that it is diffuse and yet at the same time exact.

In view of the extreme small size of minatures the emphasis is on content and the method resembles „journalling“.
I use sequences of body movementto prepare myself to progress from the purely personal level to deeper levels of expression.

Working in the studio surrounded by the paintings, hanging on the walls or overflowing from drawers and boxes I feel compelled to put them in relationship to each other. Tey begin to talk to each other. I spin connecting threads, highlight new aspects and develop ideas. Much of this takes place on the nonverbal level.

My performances are pure improvisation using voice and movement. The improvisation often starts with an instant perception of where in the body I should start. I locate this point and drift with the glow. I enjoy working with other musicians, the room or a definite theme.

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